What does a photoshoot day look like?

Photoshoot days are one of the most exciting parts of your house selling journey! Yes, they can be a bit full-on if you’ve never experienced a professional shoot before, but that is where I step in to help make the entire process go smoothly. 

High-quality professional images are a must for all of my clients. They are used to create custom-made brochures, listings on Rightmove, social media and more. It is a common misconception that just any old photographs will be enough to help sell your house, particularly if you are selling a high-value home.  

The fact is, high-quality images are crucial to help you obtain the highest sale price for your property. Photoshoot days take a lot of planning and organising, but they can help you in so many ways by setting your entire sale up for success. 

My assistant and I work together to stage and present your home to the finest standards, and our professional photographer then captures high quality, beautiful images. This process will allow us to then design and produce: 

  • Bespoke printed brochures  
  • Digital information packs 
  • A unique Rightmove listing 
  • Social media campaigns 
  • Eye-catching ‘For Sale’ boards 

“Is all this work worth the effort and investment?”

Yes, absolutely! Recently, I have been working with the owners of a unique property in Kimberley, Nottingham. It dates back to the 1840s, and the stable and carriage house once belonged to Hanson’s Brewery and has been transformed into a gated community of eleven homes. Such a wonderful and unique home was crying out to be well-staged and showcased, so I got to work. 



As you can see, the ‘Then’ image is dark, lacking character and overall looked rather drab. I wanted to bring out the best in the rooms within this property, so I added a crisp white duvet and a couple of contrasting cushions to freshen it up and create an inviting, attractive space. When I stage your home for you, I ultimately use a form of story-telling, which means I can then promote a lifestyle to a prospective buyer. 

When I work together with my clients, first and foremost, I create and define a structured plan of what will happen and when. The first step of the process is for me to meet the owners at their property for a styling visit. As every property is different, so much needs to be taken into consideration, but in general, I offer my support and expertise by accessing each room, available light, the layout of the property, and much more. 

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Preparation is key here. Once I understand all of the details and features of your house, I can devise a plan of action for the next steps. You see, I plan everything! I pay attention to where your house is sited, the direction it faces, how much light… every little detail is crucial so that I can go ahead and create your personalised plan for your photoshoot day. 

I also provide my clients with homework, but stay with me here! Some small actions taken in advance mean that we can make the most of the photoshoot day. Advice and tasks that I recommend will always be customised to the clients, the home and the ideal buyers, but usually include: 

  • Tips on how to declutter (or else, store the clutter out of sight) 
  • Moving of items or furniture so that the photographer can take the most attractive images possible 
  • Advice for living at the house (living in a staged home can be tricky, but not impossible, and I’ll help you create a pre-viewing routine to keep things as simple as possible) 

“What kinds of photos will you need to take?”

During the photoshoot day, my photographer and I will make the most of the time to get as many high-quality images as possible. The three categories that we focus on are: 

Room Shot

Feature Shots

Lifestyle Shots

Room shots showcase the entire room and will be used to create your Rightmove listing, customised brochure and social media campaigns. 
Feature shots highlight any special details such as original features, chimneys, fireplaces, or wooden beams. 
Lifestyle shots are the images that help to evoke a particular way of living that will resonate with your ideal buyer. They make buyers FEEL something. 

“What happens on the day of the photoshoot?”

The time of your shoot will depend on a number of factors including the orientation of your home and the weather forecast, but here’s an outline for an afternoon shoot with the photographer arriving at midday: 
10:00 to 12:00: My assistant and I arrive with our range of goodies! These usually include a cheeseboard, some breakfast items, props, flowers, soft furnishings, candles and plants. The first two hours are brilliant for tidying up any stray items that may have gotten in the way and making sure every space is ready for its turn in the spotlight. 
12:00 to 16:00: My photographer arrives and works with us for a half-day photoshoot. We work according to the plan I created which considers the direction each room faces and the expected weather that day; nothing is left to chance. 
16:00 to 17:00: After the photoshoot, I then tidy everything up and put things back in their places. 

You are welcome to participate in the shoot if you would like, but equally, I’m quite happy for you to make yourselves scarce and leave us to it. 
And for those of you that think I have a glamourous job, I can assure you that is not always the case! All too often, I end up doing whatever is needed to get perfect client photographs. 

“Can we block out that window above the door? Are you tall enough to hold this?!” – Photographer 

I do these things because nothing is more important at the start of your sale journey than getting The Best photos of your home. If the light is too strong, the images won’t look good as some areas will be bleached out by strong sunlight, and other areas will have some very dark and severe shadows. It just doesn’t show your house off well enough, so my photographer and I will always do what is needed to bring your house to life and show it at its absolute best, including getting arm-ache from holding up a huge light diffuser above my head! 

That is what this day is all about; showcasing your home to the highest standards possible so that you can get the sale price that you deserve.

Get in touch today by calling 0115 901 7060 or emailing anna@annaharthomes.co.uk and I can provide you with specialist, expert advice to support you through your specific set of circumstances.