Nine Simple Organising Tips for a Happy Home

Written by guest author Laura Williams 

Spring is a typical time for a good clean and a clear-out, so this new season brings a fresh start and an opportunity to mould your home so it works for you, now. 

Would you love to create space to think, and make the room, and time, for the activities and people you love most? Are you ready to set your household up to make the rest of the year as bright as possible? 

Now is the perfect time to take action!  

If you aren’t sure where to start, or feel overwhelmed by the possibilities, here are nine actions you could take this spring: 

  1. Add key dates, birthdays, holidays and other important details to a wall planner or sync with a cloud calendar to enable family members to share access. Add regular events, clubs and activities, plus advance reminders for birthdays. 
  1. Set up a weekly meal planner board and plan for the week ahead; refer to the family activities planner and decide on meals that work for each evening. Note any ingredients you need to buy onto your shopping list. 
  1. Create a paperwork ‘Actions’ box in your hallway, family office or kitchen. Open letters as they arrive, recycling leaflets, junk mail and envelopes. If you can’t take action on anything immediately required add it to the ‘Action’ box and attend to these on a weekly basis, filing or shredding the documents once you’ve ‘actioned’ them. 
  1. Remove the things that you no longer need or love – take a look around and box up things that you want to sell, donate, recycle and bin. Remove what you can as soon as possible to create a wonderful space! 
  1. Tidy your hallway so that it supports a smooth departure and feels great to enter each day. Remove all but a few frequently used coats and shoes for each household member. Create space to store items that are needed regularly, such as school/work bags, gloves, scarves and facemasks. 
  1. Turn your attention to your wardrobes. Remove anything that no longer fits or is no longer loved. Reverse your hangers and as the items are worn, turn the hangers around again. Make a note to review again later in the year and remove anything that you’ve not worn (hangers are still turned away). 
  1. Review toiletries and make-up, disposing of anything unused or expired (see the little open jar sign on most labels). Store away duplicates and backstock so that you have easy access to those items you use regularly. 
  1. Review towels and bedlinen, keeping only the sets you need, depending on your laundry cycle and frequency of guest visits. Donate or recycle the excess. 
  1. Tidy kitchen cupboards, removing utensils and equipment you don’t use and any out of date food items. Store similar foods together and pans and dishes close to where you use them so that you can access them easily. 

If a big organising session isn’t for you, pick an activity to work through and set your timer for 25 minutes each day. You’ll soon notice the difference! 

Laura Williams is a local Professional Organiser and founder of OrganisedWell.  

She provides guidance and practical support to busy families and individuals who want to create calm space in their homes and lives.  

www.organisedwell.co.uk Tel: 07970 989955