About You – Selling Your Empty Home

Anna Hart Exceptional Homes – Nottingham Empty House Super Seller

Your empty house is – or could be – exceptional – but it’s holding you back 

You’re ready to sell – but it just doesn’t feel like a home

You want to show its true potential – but you’re short on time

I’ll create a home from your empty house – I am the empty house super seller, after all

Our empty cottage had been on the market for over a year by the time we found Anna. The traditional estate agents had lost impetus and advised that dressing it for sale was expensive & not necessary. 

Anna was a breath of fresh air, she quickly homed in on the best features of the cottage and the type of buyer that it would appeal to. She furnished the property beautifully and with no input from us; bizarrely it looked bigger furnished than empty and, similar to living museum, like someone had just left the room!

We had a viewing arranged within 24 hours of the property going live, which led to a sale agreed within a week, and for the full asking price! Anna guided us through the sale process and as a result the sale was completed in just over 2 months despite Christmas in the middle. We appreciated Anna’s friendly but business like conduct throughout and we would not consider selling a house again without her input. 

Clare & Jeremy Nash, Abbots Bromley

Empty houses typically fall into one of two categories:

1. They sell fast for a bargain price

2. They hang around on the market with little interest

You want a swift sale at the best possible price – so marketing a house empty is not an option

That’s where I come in

Most people can’t superimpose their dream lifestyle onto a set of empty rooms…

…So I make it easy

I give them a home that’s been styled and furnished with them (your ideal buyer) specifically in mind

They see the dining table laid ready for guests – and imagine holding intimate dinner parties

They see the sumptuous blanket, coffee and book at the armchair I’ve positioned to bask in the morning sunshine – and imagine Sunday mornings stretching luxuriously before them

They see the beds that I’ve made to rival hotel luxury style – and imagine snuggling up after a day in their new home

Feelings and imagination will sell your house – and that’s what I evoke

I make it easy for you too, because I take care of everything

My “Hand me the keys and I’ll take care of everything” Service

The Process

1.    Your Consultation – You tell me your story. You explain your needs, your dreams, your priorities. I’ll explain how I’ll help get you there

2.   Your Bespoke Sale Strategy – I’ll create your personalised strategy to achieve your goals

3.   Your Decision – You decide to work with me to sell your home. You make a £600 (inc VAT) Marketing Investment – it costs around £1200 to put a home on the market, so we share that initial cost and are both equally invested in the process. This is not an extra payment, as it’s subtracted from your completion fee

4.   Your Preparation – We agree on the steps I’ve identified to prepare your home for marketing. My concierge-style service can take care of it all for you, or we can mix and match, whatever suits you

Full home design

Furniture installation – I select the perfect pieces and position them to create the look and feel that appeals to your target buyer. Furniture may be hired from me or from an interiors company, depending on the style we need

Accessory placement – I provide and position hired bed linen, art work, curtains and lamps, all chosen to add the finishing touches that lead your buyers to imagine their lives here

I source items from a number of different places to create the look of a real home

Depending on your goals, I may suggest a light refurbishment (usually decorating and replacing key carpets) which I’ll manage without you having to lift a finger

Furniture and accessories are usually hired for 3 months – ample time for us to get an offer accepted – and comes to around £2,000 – £4,500 + VAT depending on style and quantity needed.

I recommend leaving the home fully furnished well into the legal process, so that when buyers return for another viewing they’re greeted by the home they fell in love with.

Of course, I’ll manage all removals for you

5.   Your Professional Photo Shoot – I’ll arrange for my photographer to create the “room shots” for Rightmove, plus a range of feature and lifestyle images for your brochure to evoke the emotion of life in your home. I’ll direct the shoot and my assistant and I will style each shot

6.   Your Description – I’ll ask 101 questions to really understand what it’s like to live in your home. This goes into a brief for my professional writer to create your description. The words and language used will be chosen specifically to appeal to your identified ideal buyer, so when they read it they know that your home is the one for them

7.   Your Brochure Design & Print – My graphic designer will create a brochure designed just for your home, highlighting its best features and showcasing the lifestyle that your target buyers want

8.   Your Asking Price Recommendation – I check and verify our pricing strategy as we’re ready to go on the market, making sure we set exactly the right price to maximise your ideal buyer’s interest.

9.   Your Market Launch – Once you’ve approved all the marketing I’ve prepared, I’ll hit “Go!”’ on Rightmove. Your home is on the market

10. Your Viewings – I’ll conduct all of your viewings, and ask you all (children and pets included!) to leave your home an hour before each viewing. I host a wonderful visit for your viewers, and you get the all-clear when it’s safe to return

11. Your Offer Negotiation – During viewings, my conversation with your buyers finds out about their situation, their motivations and their means so that when your offers come in, I can help you understand which buyer is best suited to you. I’ll negotiate to ensure we achieve the highest price possible

12. Your Sale Progression – You accept the best offer on your home. I’ll keep everyone communicating, make sure there are no unnecessary delays, and continue to negotiate with and encourage your buyers. I communicate with both solicitors, and your buyers at least weekly to keep things moving

13.  Your Exchange & Completion – I’ll negotiate exchange and completion dates with the other parties in your chain, and arrange to hand keys over to your buyers. At this point, your solicitor pays my 1.5% plus VAT fee (less your £600 Marketing Investment)

14. Your New Life – You move on, glass of champagne in hand, with the satisfaction of a job well done

To book your consultation and start selling your exceptional empty house

Call me on: 0115 901 7060

Or email: anna@annaharthomes.co.uk

We saw this home on the market last year but immediately dismissed it as it was dated, empty and clearly needed a lot of work doing and as a result did not view the property. When we saw it again recently, with updated décor and furnished, it was far more appealing and as such decided to view the property.”

Prospective buyers, Derby