Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna, and I’m going to sell your home

I have over 10 years’ experience selling houses

 I specialise in achieving swift and serene sales for:

  • Exceptional homes – I enabled a couple to buy in their chosen school catchment area before the application cut-off date by selling their house for over 120% of their previous agent’s valuation
  • Empty houses – I helped a lady finally move on from the passing of her father by upgrading, furnishing and then selling their vast but tired empty home
  • Boutique developments – I designed & installed five show homes which led to the successful sale of over 300 houses

I’m a fixer – with style

I have personally fully renovated and sold three homes for profit – property is my passion

I’ve managed multiple refurbishment projects on behalf of clients – maximising their homes’ true potential

I’ve featured as a property expert in four episodes of the US TV show “House Hunters International” – and appeared with Alex Polizzi on “The Hotel Inspector”

I was Zoopla’s Official Guest Blogger in 2014

I combine my energy, creativity and experience into a bespoke, results oriented service that works……And I have a proven record of exceptional service, exceptional sales, and a trail of exceptionally happy and satisfied clients in my wake

Anna’s Property TV Showreel

My Story

I grew up in the beautiful, rural Cotswolds before moving to the East Midlands for University. I now live in Nottingham with my husband (our cat rules the roost).

I’m a really creative person; I see an empty wall as an opportunity to experiment with different craft forms and techniques, to create unique pieces to fill them. When I’m not choosing colour schemes for my latest renovation project, that is. I de-stress through running and yoga, and I’m a proud book nerd (I ran a pop-up book shop from our camper van for several years!).

Over 10 years of buying, selling, renovating, designing, renting (I’ve been a landlady for the past 15 years) and investing in property has given me a broad range of experience. I understand many of the situations my clients might find themselves in, so I can guide them towards the strategy that will work for them.

I’m a disruptor.

Never having worked in a traditional estate agency means that I’ve developed my rigorous processes and proven strategies from a purely client focused point of view. I build my service based on what’s right for you – not because it is what the rest of the industry does. 

I sit on the same side of the desk as you

No house is unsellable – and I go the extra mile to prove it

I work hard and smart to matchmake homes with their ideal buyers – the people who’ll love living there, and see all its features as positives

I tailor every aspect of our marketing strategy to appeal to your ideal buyer, using twilight photo shoots, drone shots and footage, and print so that your home stands head and shoulders above the crowd

I identify everything necessary for a swift sale – then I take care of it for you

Anna made herself available for multiple viewings and happily hunted down the answers to some very left field questions that we asked. It’s no exaggeration to say that Anna’s approach is exceptional.

Erik Mogensen

I’ve hand-delivered contracts to ensure there was no delay in exchanging; I’ve arranged many a boiler repair and managed access for trades, overseeing the work; and I routinely help my clients to complete their legal forms.

I make sure I know every last detail so I can answer any and all questions from your buyer or their solicitor – I even check out the local walks personally so I can show photos of the views to potential buyers!

Anna organises everything from start to finish with all relevant trades people in a quick and efficient manner and at very reasonable costs

Nigel Mount

 I have a fascination with the concept of “home”…

…What that means, and how different it can be for each of us.

I’m always looking for ways to improve the home lives of the people I come into contact with – not just my clients.

Alongside my passion, my endless fascination and my wide range of experience in home design, my objectivity guarantees I’ll create or curate a home that speaks to that one target buyer we need

My Journey

I began back in 2011 (has it really been ten years?) as a self-employed property consultant, planning to spend half my time helping clients find their next home and half helping others to sell.

When I realised I was only getting the selling clients – all of whom had struggled to sell before finding me – I developed my expertise with that focus. I discovered my talent for identifying why a house isn’t selling, putting it right, relaunching it onto the market and getting it sold.

A reason for my clients’ houses failing to sell that kept rearing its ugly head, was the fact that they were sitting empty. That’s when I developed my furnishing and styling empty homes specialism – and became known as the Empty House Super Seller!

Then I could see that many homes just weren’t up to scratch maintenance-wise, so I began offering to manage refurbishments. I did quite a few full house refurbishments for clients – being both project manager and labourer – so I learned a lot about how houses are built and how the various trades work (My husband and I also bought 3 houses, refurbished them and sold them for profit).

I do all the design work, and the tiling. I’m hands-firmly-ON.

Then I got a bit bored of being covered in plaster dust, so decided I’d like to design a showhome. I chose the building company I wanted to work for, and I secured the opportunity to help them sell the ‘problem plot’ on a development.

When I succeeded, I was offered a proper showhome at a 25-house site. That was followed by two more showhomes to sell a site of 225 houses, and then I was approached by the owner of a boutique 10-house high value development to create their showhome. Every project was delivered on time and under budget, and I loved the opportunity to create great-looking homes that made it easy for the developers to sell their sites.

I never wanted to own an estate agency

I didn’t feel it was a role that fit – even though I must have said “I could do this SO much better” at least 5 times a week!

I had a preconception that running my own estate agency would mean becoming simply a manager of people, and I wouldn’t get to do the job I actually loved – helping people, facilitating their dreams by selling their homes.


…Lockdown during a global pandemic does funny things to people. A friend (an estate agency owner and business coach) told me I could do this. 

Though she’d told me that before, this time I was ready to listen. I came to realise that owning a boutique estate agency was the only natural progression for me.

I have exceptional skills, and working with exceptional clients to sell their exceptional homes is exactly how I’m meant to use them.

My Values

  • I have a YES! attitude
  • I don’t leave anything to chance
  • I always go the extra mile
  • I think outside the box
  • I am constantly learning & evolving

My philosophy

There are dozens of ways to sell a house – but only one way that is right for you. Success means finding that one right way, because it’s not really about selling the house, it’s about removing whatever stands in the way of your dreams.

Selling a house for the best possible price – and fast – is about addressing a million and one tiny details. And they all add up.

“All I can say, if you are wondering if to go with Anna, is that any doubts you have are blown away. Anna has more skills than just an estate agent. She understands the market as a lifestyle choice and not just a set of statistics. She understands style and interior design and how this affects how people view and value your home. She understands the importance of not just a listing, but a great listing that gets the right people through your door genuinely asking to see certain things you have described. They have already imagined themselves living in your home and that is amazing.”

Joanne & Damian Withers, Queniborough

I start my consultations with “Tell me your story…”